More than four in 10 cyber attacks target small businesses, with the percentage of attacks rising from 34 percent in 2014 to 43 percent in 2015, according to a Symantec report. "Dance has given me the spirit of discipline," she says. If you're considering starting a summer program this year, you're likely not alone. The space should be free from clutter, power cords etc., have sufficient height clearance from overhead fans or beams and be big enough to allow for free and safe movement. font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; Since Phase 4 reopening in July, her students are back in the studio in Westchester, New York, under strict COVID-19 guidelines. width:calc(100% - 2px);"> Even dedicated studio spaces often lack the kind of shock-absorbing floors that help prevent chronic injury. Leave lights and the TV on when you go out. Take a hula-hoop, for example, and stand in the center. If you do choose to use a substance, know how much you are consuming and manage potential re-dosing. Choose your instructor carefully, particularly if you're new to dance. Find out if there is a designated area within the room that is a safe spot for improving your dance steps. The stage area must be large enough for the type of movement and the number of performers. How Being a COVID-19 Long-Hauler Changed Carole Alexis’ Teaching, Karida Griffith Is Teaching Dance Educators How to Talk About Race, So You Want to Start a Summer Program at Your Studio. "We're very safe and protective of our students," she says. Making a dance routine can be a fun way to pass time. It can improve body image. A toddler is at her side, also in tap shoes" data-width="4184" data-height="2789" />,

"The white hip-hop teacher asking why Black people are trolling them on Instagram happens against the same backdrop as Tamir Rice holding a pellet gun and not surviving a confrontation with police," she says. “It took two people and 50 hours of work.”. Sync up your storage. Around the edges, he tacked 3/4" rounds to keep everything secure. Plus, they might take on extra appeal for your studio families this year. "That's how you build a well-rounded dancer—you want them to go off and get experience from teachers you might not be able to bring in," she says. One of the most effective ways for an educator to create a safe space is to be a supportive ally to LGBT students. Summer camp and class options are a tried-and-true method for paying your overhead costs past June—and, done well, could be a vehicle for making up for lost 2020 profits. data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-version="4" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; Over a thousand people viewed her presentation, which was inspired in part by the mentorship of longtime family friend Dr. Joy DeGruy, an expert on institutionalized racism. "We wanted it to be financially attainable for families to experience something like this in our sleepy little town. The learning environment that you create can go a long way in making students feel safe, welcomed and free to be themselves. font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; We can all find creativity elsewhere. And then I write. Remember – “Less is more!” Also, getting substances from strangers can be risky business! I will, at any cost, protect the new floor after they spend that much money on the purchase and installation.” DT. The result usually looks flat or objects can appear to be floating. "I would go into a room and not know why I was there."

. "But sometimes our tools get dull, and we need to keep sharpening them. • Entertainment Flooring Systems,, Photo by Curtis Mack Polk, courtesy of West Briar Middle School. “After many phone calls, we finally came to an agreement, and the company put a very watered-down polyurethane finish on the floor. Guidelines from the National Association of Schools of Dance can help support your request. Electrical eq… I wash up, make some coffee and toast, and take my vitamins. There should be wing space on both sides, running the full depth of the stage, for entrances and exits performed at speed. "

Alexis says this commitment to follow the rules has stemmed, in part, from the lessons she's learned from ballet. Whilst dancing on Earth requires attention to the force of gravity, because if you don’t you can end up embarrassingly flat on your face. Baker suggests urging parents and students to be vocal advocates. The stage should be flat and even with a resilient (at least) or sprung (preferable) floor covered with a good quality dance vinyl. Will dancers be moving at high speed or on another dancer’s shoulders? "

, Griffith walks across the front of a studio, clapping her hands, as a large class of teen students practice a tap combination,

Griffith takes a similar approach for R3 Dance, which last year included 180 participants from around the world working in public schools, private studios, universities and other settings, teaching both tap and social dance. "For three days I would experience relief from the fever—then, boom—it would come back worse than before," Alexis says. NASD defines adequate space as meeting or exceeding the following specifications: • Unobstructed space, providing a minimum of 2,400 square feet overall, and providing a minimum of 100 square feet per dancer. Others have read books and watched documentaries but don't know how to translate what they've learned into lessons. As these dialogues unfolded on social media, veteran Dorrance Dance member Karida Griffith commented infrequently, finding it difficult to participate in a meaningful way. The space should be large enough for the performance. Watch this video, then: As a group: Describe how space is used in this dance and use one of the reflective tools such as Descriptive Review to examine this dance more deeply. For example, about 4 square metres would be enough for salsa. The principal did purchase mirrors before classes started, “but we danced on that cement flat for that entire first year,” she says, adding that she taught four 90-minute classes daily for students in grades six to eight. Consider making their participation flexible. If you do decide to target older, more serious dancers for your summer programming, you may need to inject some dance glamour to compete with fancier outside intensives. There should be wing space on both sides, running the full depth of the stage, for entrances and exits performed at speed. "It was less expensive than going to a big national convention, because parents didn't have to worry about lodging or travel," Koch says. Tonawanda Dance Arts offers a children's program in which every class is à la carte: 30-minute, $15 drop-in classes are offered approximately two times a week in the evenings, over six weeks, for different age groups. Between six to ten changes of air per hour are needed when spaces are used intensively. “Go to your board of education and provide research on proper flooring for all physical activities.”, Once Reynolds received financial clearance, she contacted a local contractor, who designed and built a modified floating floor during the summer. “It was finally in the budget for this school year, but no one told us about it until December.” At press time they were getting bids from vendors, and she’s already prepared to protect her district’s investment: “I will not be allowing anyone else to be in the room without my supervision. "

For educators who have finished one or both of her programs, Griffith is scheduling regular meetings to discuss further implementation strategies and lead additional workshopping sessions.

"As educators, we're excavators who bring out what we can in our students," she says. . “From tile flooring to marley laid on concrete, we’ve danced on it,” says Teresa L. Baker, who now has a wood sprung floor in her Beaufort High School studio in South Carolina. display:block; height:44px; margin:0 auto -44px; position:relative; top:-22px; width:44px;"> Over one in four burglaries involve businesses, FBI statistics show. In past years, she's rented her local community center for a weekend-long in-house convention and brought in professional ballet, jazz, musical theater and contemporary guest teachers. 1. Ask what might be safe for you. Your quiet acknowledgement helps children become aware of what they are doing and helps them feel supported. Those struggling financially due to the pandemic will be in search of an affordable local programming option rather than an expensive, out-of-town intensive. Your doctor may suggest gentle exercise, too. data-unit="dance_teacher/dt_desktop_medrec" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-version="4" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; “I have been told for the past four years that it will be in the budget for ‘next year,’” she says. • Floors with the necessary resilience for dance (i.e., sprung or floating floor) and with surfacing appropriate to the nature of the dance activity. Trainer Tribe. Teachers might bring an anti-racist statement they're drafting for their studio, for example, or a lesson plan or proposed changes to a college syllabus.

Griffith also gives teachers the knowledge to confidently structure and lead conversations about race in the dance industry. So, a safe space created by White people may mean additional work for people of color. She allows the custodians to mop it occasionally, and to dry-mop it regularly. "This past summer, because of COVID, they paid for six but were able to take all 12 if they wanted," she says. width:calc(100% - 2px);"> Electrical equipment including mixers, dimmers, amplifiers etc., must have current electrical test certification and be operated by trained technicians. In the 1- to 6-year-old age group, though, around 50 percent of summer students tend to be new ones—98 percent of whom she's been able to convert to year-round classes. data-refresh-secs="45" Making your home safe from intruders General Tips. Or, posts that tried to impose upon tap the history or aesthetics of European dance forms. Strange bruising showed up on her skin, along with the return of her (long dormant) asthma, plus word loss and stuttering. "

Here, Alexis shares how she's helping her students through the pandemic—physically and emotionally—and getting through it herself.

"We were, long before I got sick. If you like us online, you'll love us in print! Whether it is on your desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablet, iPad, or the traditional pen and paper, your work environment can be taken with you anywhere you go so, it is important to make sure you optimize your productivity by making your work environment a positive, attractive, and organized space. For example, she observed people discussing tap while demonstrating ignorance about Black culture. Participants typically come with a range of comfort levels in discussing race, says Griffith, some just beginning to comprehend race as a factor in dance. "You have to layer those conversations, just like you wouldn't teach fouetté turns to a level-one student. Check out these examples from for inspiration. Teaching dance in a K–12 setting often means holding classes in hallways or cafeterias, sharing space with other student groups or dealing with ceilings that are too low for jumps. I like to put in at least an hour or 1K words. Perfecting your dance steps is easier if you have a convenient place to practice. Get a dog. West Briar Middle School students now dance on aresilient surface, thanks to their teacher Lynn Reynolds. width:100%;"> This includes a living document where all 19 instructors share materials that they're using to diversify their curriculum, such as lessons on tap and modern dancers of color, and asking teen students to research the history of race in various dance genres and present their findings.

These changes address a common problem that Griffith notices: Teachers give lessons on certain styles, steps or artists without providing sufficient historical context. "It was clear that there was so much information missing.". data-prebid="0x0:|1024x0:dt_desktop_medrec" 5. The way a dancer connects one movement to another must be technically correct so as not to twist the body incorrectly, or strain a muscle. assists in identifying and promoting all dance traditions that exist in Australia, in recognition of their cultural importance. "We tell them to bring all of their shoes and be ready for anything.". Make the time and space for children to share their music, movement, and dramatic creations with others-always by invitation, never by force. Floored but encouraged by such a large turnout, Griffith quickly prepared a follow-up seminar, which also had a positive response.

"Teachers kept reaching out to me and saying, How do I talk to my students about this? WHAT iS THe Safe Space Kit? • Adequate locker rooms, showers, drinking fountains, restrooms and access to first aid.


Finally compelled to speak up, Griffith led a virtual seminar in June for the entire dance community entitled "Racism and the Dance World." Here are 10 ways to create a healthy, productive, and ergonomic working environment. ", Koch's summer convention experience several years ago. Take it one step further and test it! 10 Practices for Creating a Safe Space in Your Mind-Body Classes If you are a yoga, dance, 5 Rhythms, Feldenkrais, meditation, and/or any other kind of teacher that guides groups of people into their body and mind via movement and mindfulness, this is for you! Dance lessons and performances happen in different locations, both inside and outside. An East County Performing Arts Center summer class from several years ago. They're expected to implement that feedback and report back on their progress the following week. But getting the backing or funds isn’t always that easy. Below are some tips on how to create a few such "safe spaces" for yourself in different areas of your life. Baker says it’s imperative to have district support when it comes to proper maintenance. 4. Dancing is an art, however, and you'll need to spend a lot of time learning and practicing to form a good routine. 1. For months on end, the Ballet des Amériques director struggled with fevers, tingling, dizziness and fatigue. “You cannot have your students doing what we’re used to doing in a regular studio,” she says. The hard copy of the Safe Space Kit includes the Guide to Being an Ally, ten Safe Space stickers and two Safe Space A minimum space of 6 square metres per student with an ideal of 9 square metres 1 . Is there enough space for props, scenery and side lighting?

", Alwin Courcy, courtesy Ballet des Amériques,

These classes led to an outdoor show for the Ballet des Amériques company—equipped with masks and a socially distanced audience. For safety and insurance purposes, follow these safety suggestions. Learn some basic moves and then spend some time learning about dancing and choreography. Since 2018, she has run the Facebook group "Dance Studios on Tap!," a space for sharing struggles and successes in the classroom, teaching tips and ideas on growing studio tap programs.

She has also offered a 10-week, online teacher training program, "Tap Teachers' Lounge," since 2018. Reduce household energy use. In some cases the material may incorporate or summarise views, guidelines or recommendations of third parties. Figuring out what type of structure will appeal most to your studio clientele, keeping start-up costs low—and, ideally, converting new summer students into new year-round students. ; On your own: Download the Same & Different tool to compare and contrast the use of space in this video with one of the other videos on this website OR go online to make a digital comparison: Digital Venn Diagram To determine the perfect height for your personal ballet barre, have someone measure the distance from your elbow to the floor when you are standing upright, with your arms to the side bent at a 90 degree angle to your upper arm. The common requirements for all dance styles are: 1. Make your home look occupied at all times. Luckily, however, creating space in an artwork is very simple to accomplish and there are a number of ways to it. (For a while I was reading every morning, but now I am focused on the writing). The common requirements for all dance styles are: Wing spaces need to be large enough for high-speed entrances and exits. • Ceiling height of at least 15 feet.

She holds a microphone and speaks to a large group of students who sit on the ground" data-width="1697" data-height="1422" />,

"Topics like privilege and cultural appropriation need the same kind of thought and vision as teaching technique," she explains. The stage and back stage areas should be a comfortable temperature and without draughts. Photo courtesy East County Performing Arts Center. In 2019, the convention was "nicely profitable" while still an affordable $180 per student, and attracted 120 dancers, a mix of her dancers and dancers from other studios. 2. NASD defines adequate space as meeting or exceeding the following specifications: • Unobstructed space, providing a minimum of 2,400 square feet overall, and providing a minimum of 100 square feet per dancer. Then, work on the dance step or combination you just learned. Leave a pair of shoes by the front door. Research on the effects of dance on body image has been mixed; some studies have found that it enhances body image, while others (often focused on ballet) suggest that dance reduces it. They don't care about anything but steps," she says.

In response, Griffith designed a six-week professional-development program—Roots, Rhythm, Race & Dance, or R3 Dance—for teachers of any style seeking ways to introduce age-appropriate concepts about race and dance history to their students. People will sign up for as many as 12 private lessons. Despite the remission of some symptoms, the fatigue and other debilitating side effects have endured to this day. One dilemma studio owners may face: what to do about your most serious dancers, who may be juggling outside intensives with any summer programming that you offer. Determine how much space you need for practicing your style of dance. margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); fosters international links with dance and dance-related organisations. The history of the art form, she points out, is the context in which we all teach and perform every day.

, Griffith laughs, with eyes closed and fingers snapping to the side, as she demonstrates in front of a class of adults. Decide on the best location either in a room in your house or a space in your garage for your at home dance studio. You could create a general safe space for students or make specific spaces for students struggling with their sexuality, sexual … “I would go home aching every single day.”, She did what she could to help protect her students from injury, many of whom also studied several hours a week at local dance studios. Test it! They then buffed it out and left us with a smooth matte finish that provides protection for the floor, yet the ability to move without sticking to it.”, It took several years of petitioning for South Carolina high school dance teacher Melissa McCrary to finally get a suitable studio floor. Then I open the file of my book. ... this purpose Brazil enacted a City Statute and implemented a Ministry of Cities in 2003 to direct urban planning and to make it more sustainable and inclusive. You are capable of holding space for all of yourself and allowing it to feel safe to be exactly where you are.You are capable of owning the truth of your experiences and journey, and making it more than okay to feel exactly how you feel in any moment.You are capable of having total love and compassion for the pain and missteps, as much as for the joy and successes. 9 effective ways to create safe spaces in your classrooms. 4.3.1 Effective policies and procedures. I often go more and sometimes less. Consider including a financial incentive to get this kind of programming up and running. Create safe spaces on your campus. If you have not visited Houzz before, be warned, it is addictive and you will be exploding with ideas to decorate your entire house. The stage and back stage areas should be a comfortable temperature and without draughts. And with summer travel still likely in question this spring as July and August plans are being made, your studio's local summer training option remains a safe bet. encourages access to and understanding of dance in communities throughout Australia. If your doctor recommended medicine to help you recover or lessen the chances of another stroke, take it as instructed. ,

Griffith knew she could help fill in many of those gaps. Recommended thickness is about 4–5 cm—it should feel comfortable to hold. How many dancers will be waiting to enter at one time? Five ways to make cities more sustainable and resilient. "

R3 Dance isn't the first program Griffith, a 43-year-old mother of two, created for teachers. For older age groups, Boniszewski focuses on bringing in her studio clientele, rather than marketing externally. For Boniszewski, that means offering virtual master classes with big-name teachers, like Misha Gabriel and Briar Nolet. For Boniszweski's summer program, competitive dancers must take six of the 12 classes offered over a six-week period, as well as the four-day summer camp, which takes place in mid-August. Emotionally safe learning environments can be achieved by making social and emotional learning (SEL) an essential part of education. Environmental sustainability doesn’t mean living without luxuries but rather being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste. When the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May catalyzed nationwide protests against systemic racism, the tap community resumed longstanding conversations about teaching a Black art form in the era of Black Lives Matter. border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); 4. "We do see a lot of campers come to subsequent camps, including our one-day camps that we hold once a month throughout our regular season.". Read about our contributions to the Australian dance sector. After that school year, Reynolds talked to the principal, and when he heard about the physical stresses the tile/cement floor was causing, he agreed to fund a proper floor. Ten years later and with 150-plus students each year, Reynolds’ floor is still in good shape. Links to other websites are inserted for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service. I'm responsible for someone's child. "I want to give teachers the tools they need for their practice, and then talk about how that practice informs their preparation in the future, just like how you would teach anything else. Alexis is part of a tens-of-thousands-member club nobody wants to be part of—she is a COVID-19 long-hauler. Then take it away to practice finding the right place to stand. For Koch, it's bringing the full convention experience to her students—and opening it up to the community at large. A judgment-free zone where you can let your guard down and truly be yourself. Relative humidity will also influence the effects of high temperature. data-sizes="0x0:|1024x0:300x250" Generally, 18–24 inches is a good amount of space. data-refresh="viewable" ... Grudges between students or bullying behavior that can cause a threat to the safe space … After all if we send people off on deep space voyages they might just want to have a dance on the way. The stage should be flat and even with a resilient (at least) or sprung (preferable) floor covered with a good quality dance vinyl. Make sure to know your source and drug contents. "You don't necessarily need extra time or money, or the powers of a superhero, to do your part to look after the planet," says Joanna Yarrow, author of 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth. provides a national voice for dance development in Australia. Your computer has local storage, as does your phone—two separate, unconnected virtual vats of space. Mirrors should be safety-backed and raised 15 cm from the floor—if they are mounted on walls, they should be installed flush with the walls (portable mirrors should be about 180 cm x 240 cm, and on castors); corner mirrors let you analyse movement from two directions. "Lots of people took advantage of that.".

"I had a hard time watching people have these conversations without historical context and knowledge," says Griffith, who now resides in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, after many years in New York City. word-wrap:break-word;" target="_top">