There was also the issue of employing the cruisers as escort vessels for the aircraft carriers. They were sunk in operation, except 5, including the Namikaze who continued his career under the Chinese flag. In addition to WW1 models, interwar British destroyers went on the same path of standard models for serial production, and large, well armed, powerful and well equipped leaders, to lead British destroyer flotillas with for the admiralty the aim to construct a flotilla each year. This was a new trend in the Japanese ship-building philosophy, which until then had favored destroyers with heavy offensive armament. Specifications Displacement 1,685 t. standard -1 950 t. Full Load Dimensions 118.2 m long, 10.3 m wide, 3.7 m draft Machines 2 propellers, 2 turbines, 3 boilers, 50,000 hp. $20.00 shipping. 1 ex-Nire, the Take, the Osu ex-Khaki, the Fuji, the Tomaruira No. Twenty buildings were launched in three program laws, the last entering into service in 1932, numbered from 35 to 54. WWII Japanese Navy ships in particular can be conveniently painted using TS-66 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) and TS-67 IJN Gray (Sasebo Arsenal). 95. There were basically two eras which divided this lineage: The ww1 series, with their typical “toothbrush” hull style, close to the German model, and which lasted in construc… At that time the Japanese Navy cruisers were mounting universal 127 mm guns, but the weapons proved to be rather ineffective in the anti-aircraft role. These 18 ships were of the general opinion, the most successful of the Japanese destroyers. In 1941-42, they went back to the shipyard for modifications, earning 10 25mm AA guns. Their DCA rose to 29 25 mm AA guns in 1945. The tankers had two fewer boilers, a reduced speed of 16 knots, 1 or 2 120mm guns, a single TLT bench, and were renamed and used as training ships. Learn how your comment data is processed. He will be one of the few survivors of the war. New Nichimo Macross 1/200 Pitaban Type Armored Valkyrie VF-1J /GBP-1S Model Kit ... $5.95 shipping. Despite this, some of the Japanese admirals continued to firmly believe in the old ideas of big guns and heavy armor, but the changing face of naval warfare could hardly be ignored. They guy who posted it is a Navy Corpsman. In addition, the growing number of submarines meant that the underwater threat was just as formidable. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He became Tan Yang under this flag in 1947, and served until the 1970s. The second set, Tachibana, was virtually a copy of the first, with 33 units planned, but only 14 will be completed. The new vessel would also need to have a respectable range and anti-submarine warfare capability.The initial plans called for the construction of a large number of light anti-aircraft destroyers. If you would like some editing suggestions, feel free to email me, would not mind helping at all. Maximum speed 35 knots Armament 6 guns of 120, 4 guns of 25 AA, 16 DC, 4 LC, 8 TLT 610 mm (2 × 4) Crew 240. $11.19 shipping. They differed from the Matsu only in extremely simplified shell shapes, and some slight modifications of the superstructure. 17 other ships will be built in less than 6 months under this first series. Apart from her size, the characteristic features of the Akizuki included four main battery superimposed twin gun turrets.The destroyer was powered by a pair of steam turbines developing 52 000 shp, identical to the units used on the Kegoro class vessels. The first, the Akitsuki was launched in July 1941: It was completed much later and was not operational at Pearl Harbor. In the anti-aircraft role the Akizuki could have performed much better had she been equipped with medium-caliber AA guns (similar to a 40 mm Bofors weapon). Cheers ! Sailors hear tale of gallantry at airport, DOD’s Autonomous Vessel Sails Through Transit Test, Participates in Exercise Dawn Blitz, CNO Asks Fleet for Moment of Silence in Honor of USS Indianapolis 75th Anniversary, Castor class coastal patrol vessels of the Belgian Navy (plus PHOTO GALLERY #36). One of the most famous and successful destroyer classes ever built was the U.S. Navy's Fletcher class that appeared during the World War period. $1,700.00. During the first six months of the war, the Imperial Japanese Navy enjoyed spectacular success inflicting heavy defeats on Allied forces, being undefeated in every battle. This artillery of a particular kind was concentrated in 4 double turrets of pieces of 100 mm with long range and with fast fire. Your email address will not be published. He also offers a few plans from lesser known German WW2 ships. Most have hundreds of parts, but can be a rewarding project to display once assembled. Modelers from Hungary. In June 1944, they had 25 guns of 20 mm and 5 machine guns of 13.2 mm. The Fuyutsuki in 1944. FREE Shipping by Amazon. U.S. Navy Fletcher-class destroyer U.S.S. The prewar models were rather small, high seas TBs, while from 1917, Japan launched in a frenzy dozens of large oceanic destroye… Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at